Our team

Our investment team members have founded over a dozen companies and bring on-the-ground operating expertise from engineering to finance to data science to marketing to legal to communications.  We work as a single tactical unit during a critical stage in a company’s life, and companies that receive investment from Bullpen receive support from each and every team member as desired.

Paul Martino

General Partner, Co-Founder

Duncan Davidson

General Partner, Co-Founder

Eric Wiesen

General Partner

Ann Lai

General Partner

Richard Melmon

Emeritus Partner, Co-Founder

Andrew Trader

Operating Partner
& Head of Platform

Candace Chan

VP of Finance

Rick Santos


Bert Navarrete

Venture Partner & Head of Investor Relations

Luis Rodriguez

Director of Operations

Anna Zakharchenko


Dillon Liang



Fullpen is a group of subject matter experts, seasoned operators, and functional leaders that we assembled to broaden our knowledge base and to bring diversified insight into new markets and business models. The Fullpen members advise us during the diligence process and are available as mentors to our founders post-investment.

John Blair
Chris Duovos
Chris Griffin
Judson Griffin
Dave Knox
Alexander Mouldovan
Dave Peterson
Padma Rao
Jeff Revoy
Ty Shay
Antonio Tedesco
Chris Tolles
Matt Wyndowe